Health offerings

HanseDom Aqua-Fitness

50plus weekly program

Healthy and happy to be older - the exercise program for those who want to experience their most vital years.

Kurs Aqua-Jogging HanseDom Stralsund


Endurance training in water improves the entire cardiocirculatory system while sparing pressure on joints.

Kurs Rückenschule HanseDom Stralsund

Back Training

A comprehensive training program for back-friendly movement.

Kurs Rückentraining HanseDom Stralsund

Back muscle training on gym machine

The exercises help to stabilize the spine and to strengthen the back muscles.

Kurs Ausdauertraining HanseDom Stralsund

Endurance training course on the gym machine

Strengthens the condition and reduces the weight.

Kurs Muskelentspannung nach Jacobsen Stralsund

Muscle relaxation according to Jacobsen

Active relaxation techniques that serve the degradation of stress-related stress situations.