Warmth and relaxation in the wellness oasis

Magical views, sounds and scents invite you to the pleasant warmth of the Sauna World. Dip your senses into an exotic world. The spacious sauna area instantly transports you into a far world. Ten saunas with classic and exotic infusions, first-rate steam and aromatic baths await you: Here, nothing is left to be desired. A sincere welcome!

Salt Crystal Sauna

Relax in a temple of health and energy – a composition of 250 years old salt crystals, wood, glass and light elements. Feel in the mystic ambience how the warm air, enriched with salt, steams through the respiratory tract.


In this gentle Roman regeneration bath, the pleasant radiant heat of the walls and loungers correspondents to the natural human body temperature. This results in a strengthening of the immune system and the increase of the natural body defenses.


For anyone who doesn´t especially like sweating to high temperature, the sweat and purification bath at Laconium is extremely appropriate. Even the patricians in ancient Rome used mild heat (approx. 65°C) to sweat the collected toxins out of their bodies.

Moorish Bath House

This steam bath on the outside park of the Sauna World offers a mild temperature (45°C) and encourages a longer stay. The high air humidity, as well as the addition of odoriferous substances and herbal essences, has gentle effect on the physical and mental well-being – including supple skin and unblocked respiration.

Stone Bath and Cistern Bath

Here you will experience the four elements earth, fire, water and air in unique coexistence. In the Stone Bath, hot stones are dipped into cold water causing a hissing sound and allow the valuable minerals to be set free into the air through the steam. The temperature climbs slowly to approx. 50°C and thus is extremely stimulating to the body without stressing it.

Bath for the Senses

Because of a temperature of 60°C and a relative humidity rate of 25 t0 30 percent, pulsing ambient sounds and coordinated colours of light, this sanatorium had positive effects on the psyche.

Crystal Sauna

In this dry sauna, mild temperatures around 75°C are the perfect introduction to the Sauna World. The crystal has a relaxing effect and alleviates headaches and migraines.

Hot Air Sauna

The Finnish dry sauna reaches a maximum temperature of 95°C.  Once an hour, a variety of infusions are ceremonially poured over the two stone ovens.