Wellness and massages

Ganzkörpermassage HanseDom Stralsund

Full Body Massage

A pleasant and relaxing massage of the front and back of the body. Increases relaxation and circulation.

Partial Massage

Partial massage over the legs and back. Increases muscle relaxation.

Rückenmassage HanseDom Stralsund

Shoulder, Neck and Back Massage

A soothing back massage helps ease tension throughout your back musculature. The effect is relaxing and analgesic.

Head and Face Massage

Relaxing massage for the head as well as revitalizational effects for the face.

Foot massage with preparing foot bath

Enjoy a preparing warm foot bath. The following foot massage with intensive kneading gives a feeling of lightness.

Honey Massage

Traditional Russian naturalistic treatment.

Hot Colour Stone Massage

This exclusive treatment with hot stones has a regulating effect to the organism.

Aromatic Oil Full Body Massage

Exquisite aromatic essentials in natural oils are rubbed into the skin of the entire body, using special massage techniques.

„Lomi Lomi“: Hawaiian temple massage

Relax with this Hawaiian massage, in which the rhythmic and slow-floating movements give you a feeling of a wave on your body.

Aromaöl-Teilmassage HanseDom Stralsund

Aromatic Oil Partial Massage

Experience the muscle relaxing effect of the aroma oil partial massage which spoils legs, back, shoulders and the neck.

Kleine Hamamzeremonie HanseDom Stralsund

Small Hamam Ceremony

Full body peeling, soapsuds massage, warm and cool castings throughout the entire treatment, tea and down time.

Hamamritual HanseDom Stralsund

Hamam Ritual for Two

After a briefing with the Hamam Master, you apply the provided pieces of equipment by yourself.


Indian full body massage with specially selected warm oils. Regeneration, relaxation and detoxification of the entire organism - a deep inner peace and ease.


A small stream of oil poured over the forehead. The pouring resolves stressed scalps, general stress and nervousness and allows for a deep feeling of detachment.

Ohrenkerzentherapie HanseDom Stralsund

Thermal-Auricular Therapy

Traditional Hopi Indian application with hollow wax candles. Purifying and relaxing, this treatment alleviates ringing or buzzing in the ears and headaches.

Cleopatra Bath

Cleopatra herself enjoyed the beneficial effects - beauty ritual in milk and conditioning oils. The two components regenerate and nourish the skin.

Aphrodite Bath

Close your eyes and enjoy the milk and honey bath in our bathtub of cedar wood. The comforting warmth and relaxing music round the picture off.

Eucalyptus Bath

The respiratory system and the body are relaxed through the inhalation of the essential oils. The refreshed and encourgaed metabolism and circulation prevents colds and support recovery.

Baltic Sea Mud Pack

A maritime mud pack in our oriental steaming room with regional nature products like seagrass, sea salt and Rügen´s Healing Chalk.

Rhassoul Bath

Enjoy a mud pack and herb inhalation on a mild heated oriental steam room.

Evening Primrose Oil pack

Special dermatologic cream bath. Inhaling the scent of evening primrose is extremly helpful for skin iriitations and prevents the skin from drying out.

Rügen's Healing Chalk Wrap

Detoxifying warm wrap with healing chalks. The sorption properties of the chalk expunges toxins from the top level of skin.

Pack with Aroma Oil

Enjoy a soothing and balancing cream bath.

Alge Purification Pack

Recover with a freshly purified, warm alge full body pack. The alge´s active substances prove themselves successfully in the cellulite treatment.