A little time-out in a relaxing oriental ambience

The Marrakesh Spa Bar offers a colourful and relaxed ambience straight out of the Tale of the Arabian Nights: through the domed roof you can admire the open sky above while our friendly team pampers you. Enjoy a little break with fresh fruit, healthy vitamin cocktails and freshly prepared dishes. For example a salad of fresh fruit, nuts and mint or a Maharaja cocktail with pineapple juice and fresh banana.

Got any questions about our spa bar? Then call +49 (0) 3831/ 37 33 -0 or email: info@hansedom.de.

Extract from Marrakesh Sauna Bar menu

Banana juice, cherry juice, grapefruit juice, coconut syrup
4.50 €
Multivitamin juice, passion fruit juice, raspberry syrup, vanilla syrup
4.50 €
pineapple juice, coconut syrup, strawberry syrup, whipped cream
4.50 €
Selection of lettuce with stripes of ham, cheese and egg, with a dressing of your choice 8.00 €
Crispy romaine lettuce with herbal croutons, fresh sliced parmesan, quail´s eggs and grilled chicken breast wit Ceasar´s Dressing 8.50 €
Olives stuffed with almonds 4.00 €
Sunflower multigrain bread with vine tomatoes, sea salt, cold-pressed olive oil and balsamico 4.50 €
Mozzarella cheese with tomato, cold-pressed olive oil and basil, with freshly baked ciabatta bread 5.50 €
Plain yoghurt with sea buckthorn honey and fruit muesli 4.80 €
Fresh fruit salad with mixed nuts and mint 4.50 €